Learnings from Indian Art and Culture

Education News | Mar-10-2021

Learnings from Indian Art and Culture

As we all know India is famous for its culture and traditions. India may be a land where there are full diverse cultures. Even geographically the cultures and traditions are suitable to India. The physical of India is such a lot matched with its cultures and tradition that I became forced to speak about the geographical area of India. Well, Indian art is often defined because of the theological, hieratic, or is that the better of all as traditional. As India may be a multi-religious country so each religion has its quiet arts and paintings. I might wish to mention some sorts of paintings in India. Mughal Paintings, Heena paintings, Acrylic paintings, and painting texture. If there's a top-quality, richness, and innovativeness then Mughal paintings are highly admired. I liked Mughal paintings due to their style and uniqueness. Mughal love paintings are the foremost important sub-genres of Mughal paintings. This sub-genre of paintings is beyond imagination. In their paintings, they need luxurious themes and a unique style. the simplest thing I liked about Mughal love paintings is that it doesn’t resemble the realism. it's imagination and creativity. People love Mughal paintings due to their themes, luxury, sensuality, and physical beauty. Mughal love painting isn't only popular in India itself, it's highly appreciated everywhere on the planet. Painting texture: Texture plays a vital role in paintings. It gives a personality quite a feeling in an artwork. The painting of the feel gives the visual effects and changes the mood of the artwork. there's a famous artist within the history of painting texture, his name was Vincent van Gogh.

By: Raghav Saxena

Birla School, Pilani