Modern Education System & Burden

Education News | Nov-22-2023

Modern Education System & Burden

What should we do with this weighty responsibility? Why does the child feel overwhelmed? He was an athlete; as P. T. Usha says, 'She dies and lives every day on the tracks,' do you feel overwhelmed? Concert pianist, performing seven hours a day, month after month, year after year. Do you think they feel 'overwhelmed'? We think of responsibility only as existence. The school type is heavily loaded, as it is packed with a jumbo bag weighing about 5 kg of school supplies. However, is that the only, and most important, responsibility on which children work? Absence, not less than presence, is a burden. If you have to push a two-wheeled tire to a nearby garage, you can readily agree. The lack of meaning and purpose in anything a person does makes it a burden. The burden that most people carry, is the most significant cause of depression and mental illness in the world, says Viktor Frankl, a survivor of Hitler's concentration camp.

Continuous and Comprehensive Assessment (CCE) was announced as a transition from an assessment based on detailed learning to one-on-one human development. A blow was made on behalf of a pregnant child. However, the child does not smile at all of that. It is easy to suppose that the only way to get rid of a child is to pass the test or get rid of wasps. Schoolboy is struggling because they do not understand what their efforts and struggles entail. Because they do not find the connection between the class and his personal growth. Information without a character, says Gandhiji, is terrible. It is a trap for individuals and communities alike. Growing up is a bridge between knowledge and character. Crossing the gap in a bridge that only exists on paper is a real burden.

The scope and purpose of education

Our ancestors were often clear on this matter. A child is born to its natural parents, who care for its development until it reaches a certain age when given to a teacher, who receives it with confidence. This genius facilitates its total growth as a result of being born again as a power to integrate its context through commitment and use its skills and knowledge to meet the needs of others. Being 'born again' was not a religion or a religion. It defines character, commitment, and competence. The purpose of education was to give birth to this new creature by awakening and empowering the highest human being. Anything needed to reach this stage has never been a burden. Procedures and practices that ignore this purpose are burdensome. The fact is that for a student to be "born again" with proper education, a teacher needs to be an official and not just a syllabus. Without explanation, the paradigm shifts envisaged under the CCE were enforced without retraining teachers. Human growth is the growth of responsibility. Responsibility is the ability to respond.

By: Tanya Sharma 

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