Modern Education System In India

Education News | Nov-19-2023

Modern Education System In India

The importance of education in India has been there since ancient times. The purpose of education is to reveal the hidden capabilities within the human mind. There is no exaggeration in saying that it was in India that civilization and science first emerged. In our country, universities like Takshashila, Nalanda, Varanasi, and Mithila were established where innumerable students from all over the country and abroad used to come for education. Takshashila was the first university in the world to be established in 700 BC.

But centuries of subjugation destroyed our ideal education system. The British policy destroyed our ancient literature and history to make their rule strong and sustainable in India and introduced the education system in the way in which English was declared the national language of India. Even today, English is taught as an essential subject till B.A. whereas it has been nearly 60 years since we got independence.

Private teaching also seems to have become another simple measure of success for students. Some teachers pressure the children to tuition by not teaching them hard and diligently in class. This also reduces the enthusiasm of students in studies and they also find unexplored ways of earning money through a simple path that promotes immorality in society.

There are many other flaws in our modern education system which, if described in detail, can produce a fairy book. So, quite briefly, we can say that there is a lack of moral education in our modern education system. The question papers are leaked a couple of days before the test and the entire business involves some teaching or examination system.

The modern education system Promotes unemployment. Today's student, who loses 15-16 years of his life and comes out of college or university with a degree diploma in his hands, feels helpless and completely lonely because he does not get any qualification even after completing his degree. Therefore, the modern faulty education system is there.

Today, education has become so expensive that it is beyond the reach of the common man to get higher education. Admission fees in colleges are charged a higher amount of money, the rest of the year's expenses are different and the expenditure on the books is different. Even after spending so much money, if you don't get a job, what is the point of spending so much money?

Today, the first requirement is that the basic structure of the modern education system should be changed to timely and business-free.

By: Nihal Rathour

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