Moral Values Degeneration Among Indian Youth: A New Problem

Education News | Nov-21-2023

Moral Values Degeneration Among Indian Youth: A New Problem

The moral decline of India's youngsters is a major issue. The appropriateness of goodness in what a person acts thinks or feels is what morality is all about. Morality aids in the formation of sound moral judgments and, as a result, in the presentation of ethically acceptable action. If a nation is moving on the right path, youth power is the driving force. However, today's youth are being negatively sidetracked by many immoral activities, which not only affects current Indian society but also stimulates the next generation of our civilization. Morality promotes a healthy synthesis between individuals, encouraging them to work together in harmony and understanding the difference between good and wrong, resulting in a value-based society. Moral principles help to alleviate social issues such as unrest, social degradation, crime, segregation, class struggle, isolation, lack of well-being, and, most all, collective distance.

The way a child is brought up by his initial point of contact with the world (his parents) determines whether or not he or she will conform to society's anticipated norms. Unfortunately, many families are disoriented, disorganized, and confused as a result of a variety of social and economic reasons, and so have failed miserably to fulfill this crucial duty. In the past, society's social organizations were responsible for formulating and enforcing value-based moral responsibilities. However, society is currently suffering debate over moral deterioration based on values, particularly among youth, and it cannot be denied that no ideology in society can provide them with a value-based life.

Consequences of adolescent moral deterioration:

1. If the younger generation becomes enraged, violent, and severe, social harmony and national unification may be jeopardized.
2. It stifles the country's progress.
3. Unsocial activities such as gambling, misbehaving in class, family misconduct, and juvenile criminality, to name a few, sidetracked the creative minds of children.
4. Antisocial activities destroy social values, resulting in regional mobility, conflict, bias, and hatred, among other things, playing a key part in the society's downfall.

Remedies for preventing youth moral degeneration include:

1. The government should enact legislation to punish media outlets that publish obscene acts. This ensures that only suitable types of programming are transmitted, reducing the stress of moral deterioration in the long run.
2. All pupils should be required to attend mandatory moral and ethnic classes in the educational system. The teaching technique should be practical as well as exam-oriented, with ongoing education and evaluation.
3. Children should study and perform rituals, traditions, religions, and activities while also maintaining modernization.
4. Role models must include teachers, parents, politicians, and guides.

Moral Value and Moral Ethics plays a very big role in a Person’s Life in Making him a Good Person and These Moral Values and Ethics are Learned by Parents, Teachers, and Society. A Student with Moral Value and Moral Ethics is always getting Success in his her Life because They will always value their work and Time. There are many Steps that Everyone can Follow.

By: Renu

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