Newton’s Law Of Universal Gravitational

Education News | Apr-25-2022

Newton’s Law Of Universal Gravitational

Whenever we discuss about scientist and revolutionary geniuses of the word one name that we can never forget is but of course 'Isaac Newton'. Isaac Newton have unlocked numerous mysteries in the scientific world but one story that we all have grown up listening is about a major natural phenomena that is the theory about the Universal Gravitation.

The "Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation" that affects us every day is a natural force of attraction. The Law states that: "Every Object Attracts Every Other Object". This attraction between objects is because of mass which is a fundamental property of objects. Mass is the amount of matter in the object and the larger the mass is, the greater the Gravitational Force of Attraction becomes. But we can't experience the gravitational force from other objects because they have negligible mass. So as Earth is very close to us and is so massive compared to objects, Earth applies a larger force of attraction on the objects.

The Gravitational Force from Earth on an object is known as "Weight of the object". So, the weight is the force by which Earth is pulling the objects towards it. The Mass differs from the weight in the way that mass is total amount of matter represented in kilograms where has weight is the force by which the earth attracts the object towards it and is represented in Newtons.

All objects accelerate at the same rate due to the gravitational force of attraction of the Earth. If the mass of the object increase then the resistance acting on it also increase hence in all cases it cancel out and the rate at which object falls always remains same. Therefore, the acceleration of heavy and light objects is equal. Therefore, the gravitational force between earth and object is always same. That is how this law helps in solving various concepts and riddles of science with a brief knowledge about the concept.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School