Online Teaching And Learning During Pandemic

Education News | May-01-2021

Online Teaching And Learning During Pandemic

Since the COVID- 19 pandemics have affected the normal lifestyle of people across the globe, many educational institutions have also shifted their base to the digital platform to conduct classes online. The Central government has launched the PM e Vidya Program for the students to study online from the digital portal. Online teaching and learning platforms allow both learners and educators to choose the time that suits them so that they can feel comfortable and work efficiently. Besides these online platforms are not as effective as physical classes because it is hard for the teacher to pay attention to each student at the same time.

Slow and poor connectivity is also one of the major problems faced by both the teachers and the students. Many educational institutes suggest their students and teachers use Wi-Fi in their personal space for better connectivity but many of them are unable to effort this which needs to be highlighted. The online platform helps us to stay engaged with friends and teachers by virtual classroom, text chat, voice chat, and video chat to remove our loneliness and feel connected. As this platform is new to many of the students and the teachers due to a lack of technical knowledge it is hard for them to use the digital platform correctly. For this, first, it is important to train both of them on how to use the online platform correctly.

During this pandemic, the usage of an Online platform for the education purpose promotes the idea of both learning and working from home, which is the best way to stay safe and avoid social gatherings. Online mode not only provides the student with the comfort they need but also allows them to learn at their own pace. Continue usage of Online mode also creates health issues as both educators and students sit continue in front of the screen for several hours. Health problems like Musculoskeletal problems, stress injury, vision problems, headaches, and stress disorders are common symptoms of sitting in front of the screen continuously. To avoid these types of health issues both the teachers and the students need to take mini breaks and adjust the chair and desk such that the screen is either at their eye level or lower. The educational institutions should also conduct a webinar to aware of their teachers and students how continuous overworking on laptops and mobile is harmful to their health.

The fact that the online mode of learning and teaching has been adopted globally to expand access to higher education and training needs of people as a supplement to increase the capabilities of their higher educational institutions, we should also use the mode to create new educational opportunities. As the internet facility is expanding in India and the technology for online delivery of education is becoming user-friendly, it is the right time for the Indian educational system to embrace online education as an additional program.

By- Manshi Bisht

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