Phones Should Not Be Allowed In Schools

Education News | Feb-02-2023

Phones Should Not Be Allowed In Schools

Cell phones shouldn't be allowed in schools because they can cause other students who are trying to study to be disturbed and distracted from their work. The guys will either engage in games or music.

During school hours, some kids text and take pictures in the bathroom, while others text gossip about other kids. Kids don't do their homework and have dramatically lower grades when they spend most of their days on their phones. It typically takes about five minutes to refocus on what you were doing before you looked at your phone. Work can't be done because your brain doesn't store information.

When it comes time to take a test, students are getting distracted and are not paying attention, so many of them will cheat and not even learn anything. If a student cheats, they are not learning anything, and it becomes even more difficult to get into college.

When a teacher is speaking to students and teaching them a lesson, many of them are on their phones, distracting the other students who are trying to learn. If you're playing a game or watching a video on silent, even without sound, most of the time someone else will catch a glimpse and cannot stop looking back. This is disrespectful to your teacher, who spends their day teaching and assisting you while you are on your phone.

Students' social lives are very important. It teaches kids how to interact with others so they can work in the future. Students don't even know there is a real world because they are glued to their phones all day. Going out and having a conversation with someone is not the same as social interaction as texting. When someone doesn't have a real social life, it can often lead to depression.

By : karan
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