Pollution And It's Effects

Education News | Jul-15-2021

Pollution And It's Effects

Pollution as we all know has been a great problem for our earth for a very long time. But this pollution is created by us humans only. We are sure that pollution is harmful to our health and our mother earth. But let's talk in detail about how harmful it is.

Pollution is a term that even children are aware of nowadays. It has become very popular and very common because it's an existing problem that keeps on going on for more than a decade. The first type of pollution that is harming our Earth is the depletion and contamination of natural sources. Pollution harms the quality of living in various ways. Most of the time, a small amount of pollution feels harmless. But when that small amount increases to such a great extent, it starts affecting us directly.

For example, when you breathe in you do not understand the amount of pollution and gases that are present in the air. Every time we inhale those harmful gases and pollutants affect our lungs and our body in different ways which are mostly unknown to the naked eye. They are also lead to global warming. It causes the greenhouse effect, causing to reduce the protective layers of our environment, it'll lead to us getting open to the harmful radiations of UV rays.

Thus, very serious measures should be taken against pollution.

● The habit of recycling:

Plastics and other stuff that can be used over and over again, we shouldn't throw them away after one use. We should recycle them. Transforming them into different useful items and using them over and over again.

● Planting trees:

A very easy solution to get rid of harmful gases in carbon dioxide is to plant plenty of trees. Positive collides with negative and eliminates the negative side. Just like that to eliminate carbon dioxide from the air we need the help of oxygen to make us survive. More oxygen will lead to an elimination of CO2.

● Less use to non-renewable sources:

Depletion of our natural resources will affect our earth in many ways. That is why we must transfer ourselves into people who will take the help of Renewable sources of energy like the sun.

● Controlling our garbage:

Some people still in our country throw garbage in the street like it's nothing. It's not throwing away if we can store them in a place like a dustbin where all of it will be collected and will be kept hygienically, our earth will be saved from a lot of harmful diseases coming our way.

By: Anisha Sen

Content: https://byjus.com/biology/effects-of-air-pollution/