Power Of Self-Thinking

Power Of Self-Thinking

Our own mind act like our enemy if you do control it. It's you vs you every day. Always has been.

Why think in a wrong way that talking to yourself may harm you, indeed it may reduce the level of stress.
Sometimes it better to remain silent instead of giving them an answer and the best way is to ask yourself first and you will find yourself in the state where reasoning such questions to yourself might lead to your own betterment.

If you are thinking in a better way then it may even make your immune system strong enough and boost up your physique too.
But it should be in a positive manner. The aura here matters a lot as if you are in the surrounding of jovial and exemplary people, your own thinking should always be positive. If you have been in the surrounding of vagabond personality then it might create somewhere some sort of negative impact on your mind. So keep in mind that always be positive and stay in a good and healthy environment.

The world is going to judge no matter what you do. Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. Compete with yourself to beat the person you were yesterday. Always keep on trying and the positive things come to you when you think so.
Therefore always been grateful and a kind person to make your surrounding happier. Sometimes we used to stuck just because of our own thoughts and the vision become obscure we used to accuse ourselves of no reason and in that manner, we have to urge out an intrigue to procure the peace and get the vision cleared. Think like a person you want to become.

Talking to yourself sounds nasty but it is indeed at least you should have your own company rather than being within the wrong company. I don't consider that the way you talk to yourself is worthless because you are giving time to yourself and finding stress free and relaxed from both mentally and physically.

But it should not be in excess amount and try not to exaggerate for the same. Just to be with you and always verify from yourself to whom who wants to eliminate in your life. In a good way, it makes an optimistic but vice versa it may lead to disappointment.

So it's totally upon you how you take yourself and do you have enough potential to cope up with the situation. If you think good then you will never ever be a rogue.

By: Aditya Sharma

School: Mahaveer Public School

Class: 10th

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