Rainbow Rules To Help Your Child During Online Classes

Education News | Nov-18-2023

Rainbow Rules To Help Your Child During Online Classes

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on everybody and it would not be an embellishment to say that this will continue to be the new normal for the future. While many parents were asked to work from home, the children started attending classes online too. This transition was by no means a simple one. The schools did everything in their power to accommodate the requirements of their students, yet parents are worried about the adverse impact that these changes may have on young minds.

Here are a few tips for parents that can help give their children some pretense of normalcy.

1. Time Table
Doing things by timetables a practice can cultivate discipline a bit and the schedule helps kids to be disciplined this, in the long run, becomes a routine and builds their confidence. Parents can help children practice this by ensuring that they need fixed schedules, albeit they’re home.

2. Keeping The Essentials Ready
During offline mode, parents normally check if their children have their stationery and books in place. This must continue through the web classes too. Last-minute runs to urge stationery will make them lose their focus and they might lag in following instructions. It is, therefore, necessary to make sure the youngsters are always well-equipped.

3. Permanent Space
A permanent place to sit and study will help children to improve their concentration and focus on teaching. It also gives them their own space for learning. Parents can also ensure this space is visible for them to keep an eye on in case their children need any help.

4. Break From The Screen
Along with the required and non-negotiable online classes, children must be encouraged to try to do more offline activities. Revisions can be done verbally or on paper. They can also be motivated to pursue hobbies such as drawing, crafts, learning any instrument, with family, and cooking. These activities will refresh them, while also giving them a break from the screen time.

5. Protect Children Through Protecting The Web
The internet is a striking world with no limitations, and so it is exceedingly important to take precautions and ensure safety from cyberbullying. By ensuring the privacy restrictions on the system that the kid is using for classes, parents can keep harmful content cornered. Parents may customize the parental controls on Windows or Chrome for safe use of the web.

6. Snack Time
While in class, children use their snack breaks to interact with their friends. Now since they’re spending time only in reception, snack times are often used as an opportunity to interact with the family. Keeping the discussion away from schoolwork will be of utmost importance because the intent is to give them a ‘break’.

7. Communication Is Necessity
We have all acknowledged how this pandemic has affected all of us. It is also well known that parents have faced radical stress due to uncertainties caused by financial situations, employment, strained relationships, and so on Unfortunately, even children are vulnerable to stress. It is extremely necessary to talk with them and allow them to share their worries and emotions

By: Rushali Patel

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