Robotics: Perks And Disadvantages

Education News | Jun-16-2020

Robotics: Perks And Disadvantages

This is the most tech-savvy generation until now. There would be no one without a smartphone or a laptop. Now, this technology is being pushed further with the creation of robots.  These robots are said to protect and help the human race against all odds. But like everything else it has, it’s pros and cons.


  • Making life easier- This technology was made specifically with the idea of helping the human race. It is said to take up common chores and share their burden with them.
  • Following orders- As known by all technological devices such as computers and mobiles also work upon the orders given to them. The work assigned is done with keeping up with all the requirements.
  • Reliability- As discussed above the machines aka robots work upon human orders therefore are way reliable to keep up with work than someone who does it with his own tactics.
  • Accuracy- Following given orders makes the task accurate to the requirement thus providing satisfaction.
  • Multi-tasking- Humans tend to focus on one aspect and giving importance to individual tasks whereas machines or artificial intelligence can work upon all the tasks simultaneously. Multi-tasking is one of the key reasons as to why artificial intelligence is g8ven preference over all others.


  • Dependency- It is the human tendency to start depending upon sources that help them continuously. For example- with the introduction of smartphones and it’s features to save phone numbers, this generation is dependent on the mobile to know the numbers of their loved ones.
  • Unhealthy habits- With all the physical and mental tasks being done by artificial intelligence humans will tend to be lousy at their job and do no task themselves resulting in an unhealthy mindset and body, with no physical activities being done.
  • Sticking to orders- In some cases on the spot, reactions are needed which might not be provided by the robots as they work only on orders. The robot has no opinion of right and wrong and can be used for the incorrect purpose.
  • Hacked- Robots like any other machine has systems and controls which when placed into the wrong hands can be harmful.
  • Emotional support- At times humans required emotional support which cannot be provided by robots as that technology is not made yet.

By: Kanak Kotnala

School: Gaurs International School

Class: 12th