Roots of Prejudice & Discrimination in India

Education News | Dec-30-2021

Roots of Prejudice & Discrimination in India

There are Indian government officials who trust that there is no prejudice in India. Nothing that occurs — most as of late, the assaults on Nigerian understudies in what is essentially a suburb of Delhi — can persuade them in any case. A large number of us who have African, dark British, or African-American companions and colleagues can't comprehend this visual deficiency concerning such government officials.

Talking by and by, I realize that I fear it when my dark European companions or colleagues declare that they intend to go to India, especially north and focal India. I flinch at the possibility of the encounters they may get back with and what impression of my country, which additionally has such countless things and individuals to respect, will stay with them. Since I know from having gone with dark Europeans and addressed Africans in India, and from catching a portion of my kindred Indians, that we Indians can have a greater number of biases about Africans than most white Europeans today.

Yet, there is one more gathering of companions and colleagues from Europe whose trips to India, especially north and focal India, I fear nearly so a lot. These are white, particularly light-haired or blonde, ladies. Indeed, I have gone with them in India, and have encountered how a few Indians acts and what they say (scornful or public remarks), which fortunately my female mates, not knowing Hindi, remained willfully unaware of.

By : Raghav Saxena
Birla School Pilani