Save Electricity In Your Daily Life

Save Electricity In Your Daily Life

Electricity plays a major role or impact on human life. We cannot even imagine a single day without electricity. The modern-day life is almost fully dependent on electricity. Each and everyone uses electricity for various works but the main use of it is to lighten various places like our homes, schools, offices, etc. The fans, air conditioners, coolers which we use to get some air to remain free of sweat during summers are all based to work on electricity. The LAN or Wi-Fi that we all at home also work on electricity. The electricity provides us with many features but humans are wasting electricity which will have a big impact on human life in the coming generations. We all use mobile devices which only work when it is charged, and charging too requires electricity. Electricity is also used in cooking. It is used in cooking as we use grinders, hand blenders, fryers, rice cookers, and many more. The electricity also helps us to get pure water using water purifiers and RO’s. The electrical appliances which help to clean the homes or various places through vacuum cleaners also work on electricity. Desktop devices like computers are fully dependent on electricity whereas laptops are needed to be charged on a regular basis. The cricket or other sports matches that we all happily watch on our TV’s with excitement, works on electricity. We keep or store our leftover food in refrigerators so that the food does not get stale or spoilt also works on electricity. Nowadays, many buildings are made of 15 or even higher floors. In those buildings, we cannot even imagine climbing up through stairs. For these situations, lifts are made which work on electricity. After all this, we know that electricity plays a key role in our daily life. There are 2 famous slogans to save electricity, which are:

1. ”Save Electricity, Save Life”


2. ”Button Dabao, Bijli Bachao”

 By: Arul Kashyap

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