Schooling in New Education Policy 2020

Education News | Sep-19-2020

Schooling in New Education Policy 2020

We all know that new education policy was proposed and was soon it was adopted by India. The education system had been changed after 34 long years. This system bought a tremendous change in the schooling of this generation. The biggest change was bought in the medium of instruction. We all were still the slaves of the British by adopting English as a primary language and Hindi as a secondary language. However, now it is vice versa. Now the medium of instruction will be Hindi. Through the decades we noticed that the importance of Hindi was decreasing gradually. Students and youth started to incline towards English. Taking this decision will make an identity of Hindi in India. It will help students to understand and explore their language. This decision was one of the most important decisions to be taken. The second huge decision which has affected schooling is the practical knowledge to be given to students. For many years students have been burdened to learn everything given in the book and no practical knowledge they gained. The importance of bookish knowledge was given more than that of practical knowledge. However, this system guarantees that students will need to understand concepts rather than mugging up definitions and chapters. This will help the students to widen their knowledge as what we understand we always remember however what we mug up we generally forget after a week maximum. Bookish knowledge can never stay for the long term. These two aspects have changed the education system completely. According to statistics, it’s been proven that countries that have adopted other country’s mother language have always been underdeveloped. Whereas, countries that have their own identity of language are seen to be more successful. In conclusion, we can say that these all factors will surely lead to a brighter future in our country.

Aanya Pandey
Class- 9th
Delhi world Public School

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