Science in our Daily Life

Education News | Aug-12-2020

Science in our Daily Life

Science is often defined as a scientific and logical study of the character supported experiments, observations, and measurements. Science is an integral part of our lifestyle especially during this era of COVID-19. It has entered in every sphere and altered it all together. Schools and many affirm have turned into technology for their aid. The tiniest of things apply knowledge domain, for instance even squeezing of lemon includes force.

Technologically sound robots have helped doctors in taking care of patients in hospitals. Science has changed our lifestyle and made it easier. It doesn’t just happen in school labs but also a part of our everyday life. A day without electricity is a day wasted! Big thanks to Science for providing us with a man-made source of sunshine and enabling us to ascertain things. The world has become one big family as it has shortened the distance between various places and develops a communication and transportation sector by inventing different transports. Similarly, one can easily connect to any part of the World in a fraction of seconds with the help of mobile phones and telephones. For example; an individual can easily reach or connect from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

In the Agriculture and medical sector, Science not only gave us different sorts of machines or tools like; tractors, injections, and ECG machines, etc but also increases the employment rate and Gross Domestic Product of our country. People became more and more skillful, practical, and knowledgeable. Different techniques like; Drip irrigation system and Sprinkler irrigation system came into the existence. Even the fertilizers are given by chemical science. Apart from these sectors, Science is additionally utilized in construction activities. Is it possible to build a building without bulldozers? The answer to this question is No! As bulldozers help in pushing away a large amount of dirt during construction.

Hence, whether it is electricity, force or pressure science teaches a lot to an individual and thus, plays a crucial role in our daily life and has proved to be a blessing for mankind and therefore, improves the standard of living of the person.

By- Sakshi Bhardwaj 

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