Should Home-work Be Abolished?

Education News | Oct-30-2020

Should Home-work Be Abolished?

Every School gives homework to every student in school. So, what is homework? Homework self defines that a work which is done at home. Schools give homework to students; they do their homework and submit their work at school. Do you know what the benefit of homework or negative effects is? So, let’s start with a beneficial side. First, Students can revise what they have learned in school because school is only for 5 hours and the rest of the time students do something else. So, remembering what the teacher has taught you is simple by the homework. One more thing which beneficial for students is time as you know the school time is around 5 hours. So, How to cover out the time left after school? Here, Homework comes as an important role. When students will do homework. So, they will take time. Older people say that something too much is wrong it could be anything like studying, playing, etc and this rule applies to homework too. Doing a lot of homework is wrong because students will be in pressure that they have to do it fast and that causes the issue. Now a day, schools give this type of homework that parents can only do it that’s wrong. Giving homework is right but for parents it’s wrong.

At the last, I would say that homework shouldn’t be abolished but the homework which only parents can do should be abolished and one more thing schools also should take that the homework shouldn’t be a lot of or only for parents.

Ansh Srivastava

Delhi public school, Gautam Buddh Nagar

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