Should People Involve Reading In Their Everyday Routine?

Education News | Jun-29-2020

Should People Involve Reading In Their Everyday Routine?

"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader".

“A book is a dream you hold in your hand”, As quoted a book is filled with an imaginary world. It is sometimes used to avoid reality or living in a world where everything is as mesmerizing as you will it to be. But does that mean that it should be a habit to read? 

Of course, I feel that reading should be a habit. And why not? Habitual reading is a trump card. It plays a beautiful role in helping us through life. I like to read because it keeps me extremely entertained and well, not to say but also lets me escape reality real quick. Being a reader is wonderful, it increases your concentration. When you are studying you will feel that progress. Also, you will notice that you understand concepts better as you start to visualize what you are being taught. This visualization as stated by teachers helps you remember concepts faster and for a much longer time. While reading, I come across various new word which I have to willingly or unwillingly have to look up. And this usually helps me excel in my academics. It also makes me look intelligent during a conversation. So the point is, it increases your vocabulary skills even when you don’t have to put much of an effort to do the work.
Apart from these usual benefits, there are many benefits to your mental health. Readers are said to have better sleep, lower stress levels, lower chances of depression, and higher self-esteem than non-readers. It also improves social skills and interpersonal understanding as a person.
While this is on benefits, but we can never neglect the cons of reading. The images from the books may exacerbate feelings of anger, sadness, loneliness, and hopelessness in a person. It may amplify the feeling of fear, guilt, and obsession.
But do these disadvantages come over the various pros we get from reading? Do they count as important when you get to benefit from something effortless? Personally, it is one of the most effortless ways to excel in life. At last, I would say the same as George R. Martin “a reader reads a thousand lives before he dies ….the man who never reads lives only one”.

By - Saanvi Gupta