Smallest Island on Earth

Smallest Island on Earth
An area smaller than a continent and surrounded by water is known as Island. Everyone wants to visit the island once in life. Group of Island is known as archipelago. They can be classified as continental, are simply unsubmerged parts of the continental shelf and oceanic, that are entirely surrounded by water that rises to the surface from the floors of the ocean basins.

Some visitors to New York may or may not be aware of this fact that they are in the city where the world's smallest island is located near Alexandria Bay between New York and Ontario on the St. Lawrence River. It measures roughly to the size of a tennis court which is 3300 sq. feet. This island consists of a house and a tree only. It took this title of world smallest island from "Bishop rock" a lighthouse in the U.K. now Bishop Rock is no longer inhabited. This small island is a local landmark and center of attraction for visitors. If anyone wants to visit this island they have to use Boat.

The smallest island located in New York is half of the size of the Bishop rock. Basically no one lives on that island. If we talk about the world's smallest island nation that is "NAURU" which is located in just 21 kilometers. NAURU doesn't have any official capital and the only republican in the world without capital. Our country India is located in Asia so if I ask about the smallest island in Asia that is: the Maldives and the nearest Island to India is Umananda Island.

By: Aditya Raj Awasthi

School: Pinnacle National School

Class: 6th

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