Smart Classes for Rural Schools

Education News | Apr-22-2021

Smart Classes for Rural Schools

If you are told that the broken blackboard, broken dirty bench, dusty classes of the secondary schools of UP board will be seen glowing? No. Are you dreaming? How is this possible? But believe it or not, this miracle is going to happen. On the lines of CBSE and ICSE schools, UP board schools will soon be seen shining. Where classes will be fully accessible. There will be a complete arrangement for the development of the personality of the students with the study of the course in the class. All this will happen in the smart city. Preparations are on to make government schools high-tech. Students should not be bored in schools, learn fast, and can be exposed to modern technology. For this, preparations are being made to introduce smart classes in government schools like private schools. For this, through the film on the projector in the smart class, there will be a quick solution to every curiosity of the students. No matter how difficult the question, it will be resolved in a few minutes and music will be heard in between. Efforts are being made to make learning easier through music. Under this, the department will install the full soundproof system in schools. In addition to musical prayers, bhajans and meditation, directions will also be broadcast.

Smart classes are being made keeping in mind the things related to attracting children to study and enhancing their intellectual and logical abilities. It is believed that children can learn properly in a musical environment. Special software is also being prepared for this. Smart classes will be started in ideal schools at the moment. After this, children will be imparted hi-tech education by running it in every school.

  • Baggage burden will be reduced: The concept of smart education is indeed a boon for 21st-century students. The change in human life through technology is for good. Through this, the burden of books and copies will be reduced from children's bags. Most of the subjects will be taught through films and animation scenes. Marker-based boards will be installed in every classroom so that there will be no problem with chalk dust.
  • The projector will be installed: There are plans to install projectors in government schools. Technical things will be easily explained to children through projectors. This method will be interesting for them. For this, a specialist will also be appointed in every school. He will teach students of different classes daily.
  • A class will become smart: Only one classroom will be made smart in UP board schools. Where the study will be done through a projector. The condition of the remaining classes will be improved. For example, every classroom will be cleaned and sketched board will be installed there. A beautiful bench for the children to sit in the classroom and a fan for the air will be ensured. Later, there will be an initiative to make other classrooms smart as resources grow.
  • The computer will not be a wonder: The government took several initiatives to impart computer education to the children of secondary schools, but each time it proved to be paperwork. The main reason for this is the lack of electricity and lack of computer teachers in schools. This is why neither the computer nor the children got their education. He has become a showpiece wherever he is, but that will not happen now. A special room for computers will be made in every school, where children of every class will be able to learn computers.
  • Lack of electricity is a big problem: Secondary schools have no electricity from ten to two in the morning. Sometimes there are cuts throughout the day. Except for a few schools, there is no system of generators anywhere. In such a situation, it will be a big challenge for the department to supply the electricity in the smart class.

 There is also a need to connect the people with the changes happening in social activities, education, power, science, etc. Only by doing so will India be able to enter the new era. Only after doing so will Prime Minister Narendra Modi's efforts to make India a world guru will be meaningful. For the campaign of the Prime Minister, the public should fulfill their responsibilities for this, instead of preaching to others, they should follow every rule and law. Only then will our city be completely smart.

By Akshit Sharma