Spending Quality Time with Children

Education News | Dec-06-2021

Spending Quality Time With Children

The world has become modernized day by day. Children who stay at home or spend time with their parents have decreased. They spend most of their time with their friends, sometimes which turns to the foe. Furthermore, there is no one to guide them, which leads to trauma. Kids don't understand the value of parents in their life. A single mistake of children could cause a big problem and no rectification for it.

Parents are a precious element or part of a human. They play a vital role in the improvement and enlightenment of children. They spend most of the time with their kids and guide them throughout life; however, parents stop spending time with kids as they grow. When a kid enters teenage time, parenting plays a crucial role while children enter the most sensitive stage of their lives. They should encourage their children to make wise decisions in their life by spending quality time with them.

Time is money; it flies and never comes back. Children become more delicate during the teenage years and take decisions rapidly without thinking much and trying to copy others. Nevertheless, parents should assist them to choose a stream as per their interest rather than forcing them for something which never interests them. Some parents give their children fixed monthly pocket money. Kids spent that money on eating outside or buying dispensable things online. Parents should advise their children on how they can save money. Kids' development depends on parents' upbringing, spending more time with them rather than thinking they are mature enough to take care of themselves.

There is one life wherein no other chance. Parents' counsel takes children's life to the next level; else, they might get addicted to drugs or alcohol, and this cost is irrecoverable and leads to a darker stage of life.

By: Rahul Bhatia
Guru Harkrishan Public School, Punjabi Bagh