The Effects Of Screen Time On Students

Education News | Mar-12-2022

The Effects Of Screen Time On Students

In this time when everything from education to shopping is shifted on the online mode the screen time, and specifically, time spent in Infront of laptop and smartphone, has become one of the most common points of contention.

It is often reported that screen time can stunt development, or create aggression. It is important to limit the time spend on screens. The points people often miss are the benefits of screen time on children. Following are some positive and negative effects of screen time-

The Positive Effects of Screen Time

Screens are tempting and motivating to children — nobody will deny that. Children are being raised during a time when technology and screens are everywhere. They see their friends and parents using them. This can motivate them to participate in activities that they don't like because they are in a medium that they do enjoy.

At a young age, children are often exposed to more stimuli and learning material through technology than ever before (though, of course, this doesn’t need to replace person-to-person learning). This technology also allows expansion in other areas, like communication and family bonding: Long-distance families can now be face to face through a phone. You can see gestures, facial expressions, and even surroundings instead of just hearing a voice. Children can build and feel a bond even when being in person is not possible.

On a basic level, screen time at a young age teaches children skills that will be necessary throughout all stages of their life. They will get to understand new technology because it emerges to stay up within the changing world. Learning technology and screen time is now a basic requirement for children. Of course, there must still always be a balance, but early exposure to screens and technology isn't always a nasty thing.


The Negative Effects of Screen Time

Children are easily hooked on technology and may form addictions. They cannot always be monitored and may be exposed to inappropriate material. Studies have shown that video games can increase aggression, but generally, this is often during a child who already had the predisposition to aggression.

Screen time can also reduce a person to personal interactions and limit social skills. It is becoming rarer and rarer to see children using their imaginations or playing outside. Instead, it is becoming much more common to see children engrossed in their smartphones and tablets. This loss of social skills is probably the negative issue that bothers people foremost.

Along with the social negatives of screen time, there has also been concern about the possible negative physical effects. It is suspected that frequent device use can have damaging effects on the eyes, hands, and posture. The lack of physical activity in our life is contributing to the nation’s obesity epidemic.