The Hassle and Bassel of Two Levels of Mathematics

The Hassle and Bassel of Two Levels of Mathematics

For a student, managing subjects and then managing time for studies becomes tough when their curriculums are changing as per their pre-planned - schedules. Similarly, CBSE has now declared a revised examination pattern for class 10th, 'Standard - level' and 'Basic - level' mathematics examinations for the academic year of 2020!

Now the students will have an option to choose any one of the two examinations of mathematics question papers as per the guidelines of CBSE board examinations 2020.

So, what is the two types of examinations that one should need to know? The existing mathematics examination is the Standard - level of exam which is now being supported by 10th class CBSE board examinations of 2020.
CBSE has declared that the 'Standard - level' and 'Basic - level', mathematics question papers will be base on the syllabus being provided to students as earlier. But, the Standard - level mathematics exam will be of higher mathematical abilities when as compared to Basic - level mathematics exam!

As a student practice their subjects, they often feel a burden of studies at times, but CBSE guidelines for students are that they can opt for only one type of exam to write. In this scenario, the syllabus given by CBSE board will also remain the same for both levels of examinations. With this decision, teachers will be able to focus better on the learning period throughout than going after students to make them teach and practice regularly. With this initiative, most of the students who don't want to pursue mathematics for their 11th and 12th classes, they will be able to pass the exam without any tensions or mental breakdowns.

The students who want to opt mathematics for their higher education needs to pass only Standard - level mathematics exam in class 10th. The CBSE board will acknowledge those students also who have registered for the Basic - level exam but wishes to appear for the standard level after the declaration of their results. With this, they will appear in the Standard - level at the compartment examination.

Sample papers and Blueprints of Standard - level and Basic - level mathematics papers will also be available for students to practice as per their curriculum of 2019-20 at the CBSE website.

By: Kanika Vij


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