The Story Of Abhimanyu

Education News | May-24-2021

The Story Of Abhimanyu

Abhimanyu was the child the Arjuna brought into the world to Subhadra, his subsequent spouse. He was an incredible fighter sovereign, who gained the most mysterious information on essential fighting from his dad Arjuna and his maternal uncle Sri Krishna. Abhimanyu was brought into the world for a reason and assumed a huge part in the Mahabharata war, even though he lived for a brief timeframe.

He caught the discussion between his mom and her sibling Lord Krishna about a high-level fight development known as Chakravyuha, even while he was as yet in the belly of his mom Subhadra, and got a handle on the mystery of progressing through it effectively. Tragically he was unable to tune in to the last piece of the discussion where Sri Krishna disclosed to his sister how to arise out of it effectively. On the thirteenth day of the epic Mahabharata war, the Kauravas chose to draw in the Pandavas with a Chakravyuha, arranging simultaneously to keep Arjuna occupied on another front with the assistance of some talented champions. Arjuna alone had the information on managing the Chakravyuha, however as he was occupied, Abhimanyu acted as the hero of the Pandavas and entered the fight arrangement isolated, even though he realized just how to go into it. So incredible was his bravery on that day that famous fighters like Dronacharya, Duryodhana, and Dussasana on the Kauravas' side couldn't remain against him. Incapable to confront him straightforwardly, they depended on injustice. They encompassed him from all sides and broke his bow by shooting bolts from behind.

By: Raghav Saxena

Birla School, Pilani