The World Of Science

Education News | Apr-09-2021

The World Of Science

If we try to see through the condition of science education in today’s Indian society then we can easily analyze that soon after independence government made efforts to improve the situation of science education in India. Today there are nearly 800-degree granting universities, including Central, State, Private and Deemed-to-be universities but today’s education seems to aim at giving quantity to science education rather than providing the quality.

 We don’t need quantity we need quality as the world we are living in today is a technological era. Even the Inaugural Director of UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Peace and Sustainable Development, Dr.Annantha K Durraiappah mentioned in one of his articles that the 21st century brings the first intelligent revolution in the society and it is a total game-changer. Hereby his words, it is very clear that in today's world a human without science education is like a bird without wings. As social studies make us aware of our past, science is a method to perk up our future. For forthcoming times the key to our happiness is hidden under the aegis of science education.

But the question arises how we can measure the worth? Who decides that is it qualitative or not? How we can know what measures are needed for the improvement? In this regard, the UGC has provided guidelines for evaluating the quality of education imparted by the Universities and the colleges affiliated with these. Similar methodologies are expected to be included in the NEP. It is not the only way to find the condition of Indian science education it can also be seen in global rating charts “India ranked 52 in global Innovation Index (GII)-2019.” If we try to analyze the current situation then we are only able to see the fall of the system as India’s ranking fell to 48th position in 2020 from 44th in digital competitiveness stated by the Institute of Management Development. Also, in terms of future readiness to adopt technologies the rank of India fell to 10 places in 2020. Another way to check the status of science education is to see the condition of India in various international science-based exams like in PISA “India is at 72nd position out of 73 participating countries” this data alone is enough to show the mirror to the Indian science education system. Being a country with the largest population in the world we grab the second position in the list but from the bottom. Even our best institute The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay is the best in India ranked at 172nd position in top universities across the world by the Quacquarelli Symonds Ranking.

 By: Riya Chaudhary