Time And Tide Wait For None

Time And Tide Wait For None

The line means that time doesn’t wait for no one, whether rich or poor. Tide also come without informing. They never tell someone about their coming or not. They both tell us to do work on time or pay for your misused time. There are many quotes on time like “Time Is Precious Don’t Waste It” and many more like this quote. People know these quotes very well but forget to apply in their life. We always think that the pending work can be done tomorrow but the next day we need to pay for it whether the problem is big or small.

As we know the world is enormous and people are working hard to achieve their goals. We also know that there are two types of people one is the time consumers and others are time wasters. The consumers make their country powerful using resources. The wasters of time make their country towards downfall. The clock and the watches are all ticking its needle every second and one that second is wasted by humans that time can never be regained. With the moving time the world is changing and that of their people too. People are becoming dedicated but some are not.

Countries like India have changed. First, India was a slave under the British Empire, and as time changed the people of India became dedicated and understood what freedom is. First India was known as “Sone Ki Chidya” because of too much gold in India. Britishers took all the gold from India and used it to develop their own country. Some people also raise their voice but as there were few people, nothing happened. Fellow Indians could raise their voice but no one did. They thought they will set Indians free after World War 1 as many soldiers were of India. This didn’t work, if we fought earlier by not wasting our time India would become a superpower. People didn’t did because many people were highly paid by Britishers. So, we can say if no time was wasted we could become a powerful country.

We all know we are under lockdown because of Covid-19. Many countries economy is getting worst because they didn’t apply the precautionary measures in time and we all know that time waits for none. We can see that Israel has proven that taking measures in time like early lockdown and other preventive methods helps in reducing the rate of infection and on the other hand we also see that Italy another fully developed country is having a peak of death rate because they thought that Corona will not come to Italy but the reverse happened. Their economy has come down because of late lockdown and less preventive methods. India has also done great work regarding preventing the infection of the Corona Virus. The death rate is less in India compared to another country. Our respected PM has done great work regarding corona. He also got the best leader award. Besides, doing great work regarding Corona he is also taking great effort in developing India. By the next few years, India might become a developed country and all this is because of respected PM Modi.

Name: Riddhi Agrawal

School: Seth AnandRam Jaipuria School

Class: 7th

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