Value Of Discipline

Education News | Aug-03-2021

Value Of Discipline

Routine, discipline, and consistency is something that makes or breaks the future of a person. Discipline means obeying rules, not only for the environment but to keep sane during the lifetime by applying them to life. Discipline is often related to the taming of animals and other creatures which perceives it in a negative light whereas discipline in life can be very paying and a huge betterment.

There are 3 types of discipline- preventive, supportive, and corrective-

1. Preventive- Making rules and regulations to follow to prevent any mishap or disruptions to occur. This type of discipline is mostly used in schools and work environments where the decorum of the institution or firm is to be maintained.

2. Supportive- This kind of discipline is the answer to a disruption in the regulations of an environment. This can be verbal or re-directing. For example- colleagues telling you to sampling stop doing a task that creates a hurdle in the otherwise peaceful environment or a teacher changing the seating environment to prevent disruption caused.

3. Corrective- Acting against the non-discipline and chaos creating elements such as stern warnings or engaging them in different activities.

Discipline, if not adhered to can create social chaos which in turn can make a person unlikeable as the societal and environmental rules. Without being in the discipline one can never achieve what they dream of since which consistent practice and work dreams can never turn true. Following rules not only set by others but also by yourself creates an environment of peace and likelihood. This is the form that has been used by genius people in the past and smart people still use this as a tool to grow as human beings and live life to the fullest.

By: Kanak
Gaurs International School