Ways to Indulge in Positive Conversations with Students

Education News | Feb-18-2021

Ways to Indulge in Positive Conversations with Students

"The biggest communication problem is we don't listen to understand but we listen to reply". In today's world, people often indulge in communication just so that they can put their points forward or prove that they were right. People often don't listen to the problem a person is facing. The biggest factor or the biggest thing that someone needs to take care of is to listen to the person and help, not just start saying they are the source of the problem, etc. They come to you to feel your sympathy and kindness and not for you to state how they've caused the problem. Now coming to students, they have immense pressure on them because our education system believes in theoretical-based knowledge and not practical-based knowledge. This leads to a lot of pressure on the students and then there is pressure from parents to score marks because in today's world marks are everything. This makes students take steps that no one expects. The kid commits suicide due to stress and anxiety. So the best way to help them is by making them talk about the core issue. Students won't open to you till they are sure that you will guide them and help them and not just keep giving your views. Due to the present scenario kid feel as if they were locked in a deep pit and no one is able to hear them. They get mad, they get suicidal as the darkness in the pit takes over them. And the only way we can help them is by listening to their thoughts and not just giving out views giving them warmth. After all, students are the future of this world, and leading them into darkness is leading the world into darkness so be their light and show them the way by being there for them.

By: Kartik Nair