Weird Facts About Human Psychology

Weird Facts About Human Psychology

Humans are the most intelligent creature on this planet and have various emotions like joy, crying, and so on. There have been various researches about the human brain and how it can do a lot of work and store such a large amount of information. In this article, you are going to come across some of the weird facts about human psychology which you might have noticed but could not have given attention to it.

1. We blame people whenever they behave in an awkward manner unless it is us in that position. We have to understand that a person behaves in such a manner when it is subjugated by some external forces and internal attributes.

2. We can concentrate on anything for only 10 minutes and after it, we just pretend to be concentrating.

3. Humans can do multitasking. You might have seen people doing work while listening to music but our brain focuses on only one thing. At some point in time, our brain would be focusing on work and just ignoring music and at some other point of time, it might be listening to music and ignoring work.

4. We always want that we have a large number of choices to choose from, but we are able to choose the best thing only when the choices are fewer.

5. It takes about 66 days for every human to develop a habit. If for example, you are meditating for the last 66 days, then it would become your habit it would be easier to preserve it.

6. Whenever we are tired we become more creative. When we are tired we want to do the work easily for which we have to think out of the box for the solution.

7. We always want to read shorter lines but are able to read only longer lines easily and are able to understand only longer lines.

These were some of the weird facts about human psychology. Hope you enjoyed it.

By: Harsh Yadav

School: S.D. Public School

Class: 10th

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