What Children Learn During Pandemics?

Education News | Mar-13-2022

What Children Learn During Pandemics?

This pandemic has been tough on everyone. It brought a sudden and massive change in our lifestyle. As an adult, many of us failed to keep up with the new lifestyle, and they got frustrated. Children were in the same situation. Moreover, we got worried about what children learn during pandemics and lockdown. Adults can still try to adjust according to the situation. However, children don't understand that and find it hard to adjust to changed circumstances. It affects their activities and personality.

Most of us are outgoing and loves to socialize. Almost every one of us goes to the office every day and interacts with certain people. It can feel like a boring and monotonous daily routine, but it also helps us to live happily. We get attached to a few people. We learn to socialize and experience new things daily that build our experience. We had to call it a quit for the pandemic. The virus was spreading from one person to another quickly. So, restrictions on going out and public gatherings were necessary. It was for our health and safety. However, it affected us in multiple unexpected ways. 

It changed our habits, lifestyle, and mental state. It also changed the way we see or operate the things of this world. It told us that nature always has the upper hand. So, we should respect nature and live our life. This pandemic affected children more than any adults. They are innocent and don't know the rules of the world. However, they have learned multiple good things too. Here, we will discuss what children learn during a pandemic. Before that, let's talk about how this pandemic affected children and their activities.

  • How has this pandemic affected children and their activities?

This pandemic affected children exactly like adults. Adults go to the office daily, and it's a school in the case of children. A sudden break out of the virus led to the closure of schools and colleges. Every student's life is vastly dependent on schools or colleges. It is the place where they learn new things; learn to socialize, make friends, etc. It is also the place where they can relax and forget about all their little worries. They feel good going to school because they can meet their friends in school.

Adults already know how important school is in our life. To take safety measures, governments close down all the schools and colleges. At that time, it was necessary. At first, children were very happy and thought they got a holiday for free during the lockdown. However, it wasn't for one week or one month. Schools and colleges remained close for almost one and a half years. After a few weeks, they started feeling stuck and frustrated.

In the case of adults, we also got frustrated because we had to stay home all day and night. At first, we enjoyed that time. We took a rest, spent time with family, and did all the things that we couldn't do because of our busy lifestyle. With time, it started getting boring. It was mostly tough because there were restrictions on going outside. Staying at home all day long could be very tiring. The scenario was quite the same for the children.

They were stuck at home. They couldn't go outside to play. They couldn't meet their friends. This affected them more mentally than physically. To get relief from their boredom, they started to rely on technology. Technology is helpful, but it can be harmful in multiple ways. Some kids even needed counseling to get over thins trauma of lockdown. They were unable to understand what covid19 is or what pandemic is. So, naturally, their strength of adjusting was low.


  • What do children learn during pandemics?

Earlier, we have discussed how this pandemic affected children. However, this was not all. This pandemic had some negative aspects, but it taught many things to the children and us. It changed our whole perspective of life. At first, children couldn't understand and found it hard to adjust. With time, they learned multiple life lessons from this pandemic. Here, we will tell you about what children learn during pandemics one by one. Follow the rest of the article carefully to know more.

  1. They learned about the importance of hygiene – Hygiene is a very important habit. Some basic practices of hygiene are necessary to keep us healthy. However, many children refuse to do that. Even some adults don't care about those things, for example, washing hands before eating, not touching your face frequently, washing up every time first when you return home, etc. These things were necessary during a pandemic to keep us healthy. So, children learned about those in a better way. They also learned the importance of face masks and how viruses can spread through the air when we talk.
  2. Children learned how important technology is in our life – Technology was always a part of human life after civilization. However, pandemics made it a big deal in our daily life. Our offices, meeting, schools, everything shifted to online. Classes started happening online through applications and video calls. It taught children a new way of learning and communicating with people. Surely, at first, it was stressful for them, but with time they got used to the online procedure. It helped them to use technology in a better way.
  3. They understood how powerful nature is – This is one of the most important lessons that pandemic has taught us. We should always respect nature and take care of nature. If nor for nature, then for our good. Kids also understand that and learn how important nature is in our life. Even medical science and technology cannot stop the disaster. To make our earth healthy and fulfilling, we should plant more trees, and we need to stop exploiting natural resources.
  4. They learned that life is not a constant but variable – This lesson will not only build their childhood, but it will help them throughout their life. They learned that life could change at any point in time. So, we should be ready for anything and prepare ourselves to face anything. It can be personal and can be universal, too, like a pandemic. Our mental strength and understanding of the situation will help us in the end.


Final thoughts

It was really important to understand what children learn during a pandemic. It has helped us to develop a brand-new lifestyle for them according to their convenience. It taught us that children are much more sensitive than us. So, we should handle everything around them very carefully. It also taught us life is not constant but variable. It can change at any point in time. So, we should always be prepared for it. We should also teach our kids about it from childhood. It will help them to adjust to these types of situations. They will understand social things in a better way. It will also help them to become a better human in the future.

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