Which Social Media Is The Most Powerful And Why

Which Social Media Is The Most Powerful And Why

Social Media is a daily used website and an application for people. Human beings are most cheerful only after meeting or interacting with their family, friends, and relatives. Now, in such a situation social media is the only procedure for us humans to stay in touch with others whether it's official or casual. But, lately, even those social websites are taken over by businesses and other spam activities. Therefore, social media has both merits but also demerits as nothing is perfect.
As the technologies started to get advanced, people started to get more addicted to Mobile phones, Laptops, Computers, wifi, etc. At that stage, humans started to socialize with others, and then social media was introduced to them the first social website was 'Six Degrees'. In 2004 Facebook was introduced to everyone which skyrocketed in 2012 and till now it's the most popular socializing app. This platform was most profitable to companies for expanding their business and to engage their customers, also for individuals to stay in touch with their loved ones and well-wishers. Facebook is still the most powerful website all around the world which itself proves that it is the most powerful also for extroverts not a day without social networking is cheerful. The bond on Facebook is so dynamic that even a small issue related to famous personality or company can go worldwide all over the world just in a blink of an eye.
Social media is not that dangerous but only if we use it with some safety measures. Coming on to Facebook it is supported by many authorities and companies so there is no way for it to shut now in such a world, though Facebook is not transparent to their users it is still overcome by the freedom like sharing different content, etc, given to the commoners in this application and websites. This concludes that it's a natural habit in every human being to socialize with new and old companions and a bit of greed for money.

By: Sudeeksha 

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