Who Plays a Major Role in Building a Child’s Personality?

Education News | Aug-31-2022

Who Plays a Major Role in Building a Child’s Personality?

Throughout the life of an individual, various ideals inspire the individual and mold his/her attitude. But at the initial stage as a child, the individual comes across various incidents and events which Build the Personality of the Child. The attitude that an individual develops as a child becomes the personality of the individual and leaves an impression for the whole life. During this child's life, there are many relations and people who play a very crucial role and essential role in shaping and building a child's personality and preparing him for his whole life. Let's see the contribution of three such personalities that mold the child's personality and influence their nature and behavior:

1) Parents: The first and foremost personality that shape and mold the Child's Personality are none other than parents. Both mother and father of a child are the guides, helpers, trainers, and everything for a child. He learns everything like manners, respect, behavior, language, communication skill, and education from their parents. Parents safeguard the child from all danger and become the first teacher of the child who corrects the child in each part of life and prevents the child from diverting in the wrong direction.

2) Teachers: Teachers are the second parents of any child who teaches the child and shape the attitude of a child. They influence the manner, behavior, and discipline of a child. They guide the children and give them direction and proper knowledge to become successful individuals. Teachers give them a way to appropriate path which the child follow and become a strong personality.

3) Friends: In the later part of school life, especially during the adolescent age when the child is prone to divert, the child is extremely influenced by his mates and peers. The peer company of any child builds his personality which often remains till the end of his life. It could be either positive or negative but plays truly an extremely important role in personality development