Women Education in India

Education News | Aug-07-2020

Women Education in India

“We want the education by which character is formed, the strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one’s own feet”.
– Swami Vivekananda

For more than 2000 years there was no education for women in India. That was the time when people use to think that it is not necessary to educate women. In 1824 it was the American mission that started school for girls in Mumbai. By 1829 within five years there were around 400 girls enrolled in this school. In the first decade of 19th-century efforts were made by missionaries and Indian voluntary organizations, that girls from primary school started attending the classes, particularly in Bengal, Mumbai, Madras states. The government also took responsibility to promote primary education in general and that of girls in particular.
The modern age is the era of the awakening of women. Now people have realized how important girl education is. Nowadays, girls are participating in all the fields, Competing with men in all spheres of life. Earlier People use to think that educating girls is a waste of money they just belong to the home. There work is just limited to household Chores and should not be allowed to go out and explore. This perspective is obviously not right because female education can bring a silent revolution in a society.
The progress of a country depends on gender. Females are no less than men in anyways. Educated women can share the burden of men in different aspects of life. Women the literacy rate is increasing day by day but still hampering because of some reason. The reason for this is Crime against women. Various crimes against women take place daily because of which women are not able to walk freely on roads, can’t work for long hours.
Quality education has the power to change societies in a single generation, provide children with the protection layer they need from the hazards of poverty, child labor, and disease and enhance their skills, build their confidence and give them the knowledge to reach their full potential.
In the past few years government has taken some initial steps for women like the Abortion of a female fetus declaring it as a criminal act which ultimately helped in increasing the birth rate of females. Moreover, campaigns like “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” took place to promote women empowerment.

By: Janvi Aggarwal

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