Women Safety In India

Education News | Jul-30-2021

Women Safety In India

India, One of the largest democratic country has successfully passed many acts in regards to women's safety that ensure that every woman should be respected and honored for her work and performance in different fields. The most recent act that was passed by our honorable legislation was the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence(2005) which protects women from all forms of domestic violence be it anywhere from anyone. The history of India in women's safety can be harsh and unthoughtful because women used to face domestic violence every 5 minutes either by getting beaten up or getting scolded by their husband or by any other. But currently, India has passed many laws mentioning the right to privacy, the right of confidentiality, and most importantly article 39(d) which clearly states equal pay for both men and women.

It is generally said that India is one of the dangerous countries in the world for women as rape cases are happening after every 20 minutes and even doesn't get justice on time. At present time, India has been counted as a country where women are not just housewives but also lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc. Every Indian woman has sometimes or the other achieved heights and success in her life either by working in a corporate company or by defending the prosecution in the honorable supreme court of India. Our society has made this mindset of not allowing their girls to do night shifts because something or the other can happen with her and it's the responsibility of a woman that she should be covered properly to be protected. It's the responsibility of the government to give justice to women and provide them a safer environment but they are lacking behind in the implementation of these laws. India can become one of the safest countries in the world if people living here correct their mindset and treat women correctly.

To conclude, the Indian government has made their best by giving the rights and passing laws that are in favor of women, just the process and the implementation needs to be worked on to hang the victims who made woman suffer hard. India is the place where Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Durga is worshipped. So, worship the person who worships a woman because indirectly you will be getting blessed by the Goddesses.

By: Hitanshi Arora
Sri Venkateshwar International School

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