10% Quota Bill May Soon Come Into Effect

Editorials News | Jan-16-2019

10% Quota Bill May Soon Come Into Effect

In order to bring about some equality and relief for those who belong to the General category, Modi government has initiated a reform. It has put forward a bill proposing 10% quota for the economically weaker sections of the general category. The bill famously being called as the Quota bill has already been passed in the Rajya Sabha. The bill shall soon take the shape of a law if it doesn’t get challenged on the grounds of being unconstitutional in the Supreme Court, the apex Court of India. It is still unknown that when this bill shall be implemented. There is ambiguity about the fact that would the government implement the bill in the favour of the economically backward upper castes of the general category. The first question that comes in the minds of each of us is that who exactly is going to be benefitted with this bill. One must fit in the following parameters to be able to fill the application form and avail the benefit of the 10% quota bill:

1. The applicant should belong to the General/ Unreserved category.

2. The applicant must have: 

(a) an annual family income of less than Rs. 8 lakhs per annum, or

(b) an agricultural land holding of less than 5 acres, or

(c) A house of about 100 square yards in a municipality, or

(d) a house of about 200 square yards in non-notified colony.

There are speculations that the bill may take the shape of a law as early as tomorrow with the President’s approval. If that happens the bill shall implement immediately and will apply to the upcoming admission cycle of the new session. The Ministry of Human Resource Development, has informed that the modalities of the bill are being worked out. There are some speculations about the increase in the number of seats also, but there is no clarity on the same till now. In case there is no increase in the number of seats, it would be very unjust with the people of the general category who do not fall within the parameters of the 10% quota bill. Therefore, in that case there would be a further division of the present seats within the general category. The quota of the bill has nothing to do with the caste and religion of the applicant. It will benefit those families that cannot afford better facilities for their ward economically. It is hoped that soon some clarification upon the bill shall be put forwarded by the HRD Ministry and it will become clear that how exactly the bill will unfold.

By: Anuja Arora

Content: https://www.timesnownews.com/education/article/10-quota-bill-explained-how-it-affects-admissions-to-educational-institutions-and-government-jobs-economically-weaker-upper-caste/344829

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