10 Strongest Materials Available

Editorials News | Dec-17-2019

10 Strongest Materials Available

Below are mentioned the 10 strongest materials that are known to man, read this full artcicle and learn about them:


#10 the spiders’ silk

Darwin bark spiders’ silk is thought to be the hardest biological substance. It is almost 10 times stronger than kevlar. A strand having length enough to circle earth would weigh even less than 500 grams!


#9 Silicon carbide

Silicon carbide forms the basis of the armor used in battle tanks. It is highly effective – not even one British challenger tank was destroyed in the operation desert storm.


#8 Nanospheres

This self-assembling thing is the stiffest organized material that has been ever created. It also is said that they can lead to the development of the printable body armor.


#7 diamonds

It is the hardest material on earth. It has unequal resistance to scratching as it is known to everyone.


#6 wurtzite boron nitride

This material is produced during volcanic eruptions and it is theoretically 18% harder than diamond. Nevertheless, large enough quantities do not exist to test this theory.


#5 lonsdaleite

It is formed when meteorites that contain graphite hit earth. Reproductions show it to be 58% more hard than diamond, but, once again, it’s too rare to test.


#4 dyneema

It is the high-performance polythene which is marketed as the strongest fiber in the world. It is lighter than water, can stop bullets as well as is 15 times stronger than the steel.


#3 metallic glasses

The palladium microalloy glass has the best amalgamation of toughness and strength. It is thought to be the most durable material on earth.


#2 buckypaper


#1 graphene

By: Prerana Sharma

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