20 Most Unbelievable Sports Facts!

Editorials News | Sep-18-2019

20 Most Unbelievable Sports Facts!

There are some unbelievable facts in sports, you hardly know.
1. Do you know Baseballs were primarily made from the foreskins of horses.
2. Alabama is a state of sports is figure skating.
3. A race car with a wood-burning engine finished 3rd in the 1927 Indianapolis 500.
4. The fax machine was invented by the boxing legend Rocky Marciano.
5. According to the research, high school tennis players’ score undoubtedly lower on math tests, it is made-up because of the sport’s illogical 15–30–40 scoring system.
6. According to the official Major League Baseball rule book, baseball games “are to last 9 innings or two and one-half hours, whichever comes first.”
7. Since 1925, the NCAA required college football players to study during halftime.
8. It is familiar for jockeys to be paid in coins, no matter how large they are succeeding.
9. In the ancient Greek Olympics, wrestling matches were in the bare-skinned and a match did not end until one of the competitors became whip up.
10. The Stanley Cup was formerly two stories tall but was presume too strenuous to transport.
11. In 2008, Michael Vick’s prison central football team went 3–5.
12. Most shattered Major League bats are sent to third world countries where they are used as building materials and clumsy weapons.
13. Do you know Golf balls were originally made from dried cow eyeballs!
14. The Hockey legend Gordie Howe suffers from cryophobia, (the extreme fear of cold and ice).
15. No Olympic steeplechase silver medalist, male or female, has lived past the age of 41.
16. Do you know Surfing is an optical illusion!
17. Babe Ruth once said he knew he didn’t swing hard enough if “a little poop didn’t come out.”
18. In 1948, during a two-week crippling injury the shirker privately replaced Jackie Robinson in the lineup with a white man in black face named Herschel Morowitz.
19. In 2003, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won a super bowl.
20. A man in Mississippi was briefly imprisoned for “sorcery” in 1884 after throwing a curveball at a county fair.

By: Tripti Varun
Content: https://medium.com/sportspickle/the-25-most-unbelievable-sports-facts-41d3d6521679

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