40 Varieties Of Mango Are Being Cultivated By A Kochi Man

Editorials News | May-21-2019

40 Varieties Of Mango Are Being Cultivated By A Kochi Man

A resident has turned the terrace of his house into one, with virtually forty sorts of mangoes in it. It's conjointly caught the eye of the department of agriculture.

The four-foot tall mango trees square measure planted within which they need gravel, mud and basic fertilizers. It takes concerning ten minutes to water them throughout the day, as they are doing not need a lot of water. Most plants square measure in their stages of flowering and also the rest have teams of mangoes hanging from them.

Joseph has been with success cultivating totally different sorts of mango trees through contact affixation. To one mother plant, graft 2 or 3 alternative mango stems. I earn around Rs. 600-Rs. 4,000 for every mango plant I sell in step with its selection, he said. He goes to YouTube for the agriculture lessons.

His masterpiece is Petricia that bears his wife's name that he cultivated twenty-two years ago. The Petricia selection is thirty fifth sweeter than the opposite varieties. Whereas you'll be able to get alternative mangoes and their plants within the market, you'll be able to get Petricia alone in my house, he same with pride.

Along with the mangoes, Joseph has conjointly with success cultivated totally different sorts of orchids. They’re partly submerged in pipes crammed with water. The roots need to realize they’re thanks to the water, during this approach the plants don't drown and that they bloom well, he said.

The plant grows solely on gravel and water. All the nutrition that it needs is provided by aquaponic water. The aquaponics, that he designed himself, is what distinguishes him from alternative farmers. The water has nitrate and also the pH level is balanced, thus it doesn't smell. Pure water that is freed from ammonia is what it uses to breed fish. Joseph presently has genus Tilapia and Pearl Spot.

For all its plants it uses the fundamental one. It's 2 teams of bees on either side of its terrace, on that it depends for fertilization. Nature will do its job dead in giant and little areas, he said.

By: Preeti Narula

Content: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/economy/agriculture/kochi-man-grows-40-mango-varieties-on-rooftop/articleshow/69397843.cms

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