5 Amazing Facts of Space

Editorials News | Dec-15-2019

5 Amazing Facts of Space

We all are aware of the mega beauty and properties of space, but there are some hidden points too and to know some amazing facts associated with space read here, as here are some of them.
Space is absolutely silent
There is not at all atmosphere in space, which suggests that sound has no medium or way to travel for getting heard. Astronauts use kind of radios for staying in communication while they are in space, since radio waves can be still sent and vice versa.
The hottest planet in our solar system is 450° c
Venus which is the hottest planet in our solar system has an average surface temperature of around 450° C. Interestingly and the irony is that Venus is not the closest planet to the Sun.
There may be found, life on mars
Among all the planets in our solar system (apart from our Earth), Mars is the one planet which is most likely to be hospitable to life. In the year 1986, NASA has found what they thought may be fossils of living things which are microscopic in a rock recovered from planet Mars.
Nobody knows count of stars in space
The sheer size of all space makes it impossible for accurately predicting just how many stars we have.
Halleys comet won’t orbit past earth again till year 2061
Discovered in year 1705 by Edmond Halley who is the famous comet was lastly seen in 1986 and is only estimated to be seen once every 75 to 76 years.

By: Prerana Sharma
Content: https://theplanets.org/space-facts/

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