5G to Come in India by 2020

Editorials News | Nov-26-2019

5G to Come in India by 2020

Swedish firm will start work to on developing India-specific applications. Swedish telecom gear-maker, Nitin Bansal, Managing Director of Ericsson India is readying all of itself for 5G in India.

Current news has now come that the 5th generation mobile networks are of the proposed next-gen telecom systems which aim at higher capacity (than 4G). It enables higher density of mobile broadband users and supports device-to-device, machine-to-machine communications which includes Internet-of-Things.

It is known that the Centre is aiming for deployment of 5G services for the consumers by 2020 and Ericsson is expecting it to get ready from the technology perspective by that time.

Pacts with Airtel, IIT-Delhi

According to words from Nitin Bansal, Managing Director, India, Ericsson has already signed a MoU form with Bharti Airtel and also with IIT-Delhi.

Globally, the company has till now signed 38 5G operator agreements.

He told BusinessLine that there are a lot of global projects that they are doing with academia and also industry to understand how this can be used and can get monetised. They are already engaging and will continue to do so with industry players; so that they can work together for India… And can open for more.

Ericsson has till now invested about $4 billion towards R&D in the year 2016 and has also recently raised $370 million for investing in 5G research – that includes further developing of 5G along with other mobile innovations.

According to some reports, the average data usage in our country was estimated to growth from 3.9 GB per month per smartphone by the end of year 2017 and will reach 18 GB per month per smartphone in 2023.

Growth in LTE subscriptions are said to increase smartphone penetration and further demand for data-intensive applications.

By: Prerana Sharma

Content: https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/info-tech/ericsson-tests-5g-rollout-plans-in-india/article22731577.ece


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