8 Myths Busted About Project Based Learning

Editorials News | Sep-11-2018

8 Myths Busted About Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning or PBL has a lot of advantages but some myths about it keep us from learning its full potential. Here are some of the myths:


Myth #1: Project Based Learning = Student Doing Projects

PBL focuses on students learning through the projects and not the other way around. Students are taught to learn skills like planning, researching etc. and then assigned projects.


Myth #2: The teachers is in charge of projects

Both teachers and students work together for a project. Teachers are responsible for timelines, grading, helping etc. but not the whole project.


Myth #3: PBL puts down learning through standard instructions

There are always ways to accommodate standard based learning in PBL without shadowing it down.


Myth #4: Teachers should always grade the project

There are so many ways of improvement in PBL like oral feedback that can be used for improvements.


Myth #5: Students learn less in PBL

There are quite mixed results on this and some research work is funded and biased. This means we need more knowledge about PBL before making such assumptions.


Myth #6: PBL means expensive technology

Technology has seeped into every part of our life and learning through it is always beneficial. Plus the expenses are a bit exaggerated.


Myth #7: PBL makes classroom management difficult

There are so many things like bad behavior, lack of leadership that can make classroom management difficult and not PBL.


Myth #8: Project based learning is not research based.

There is always room for research whenever there is teaching. That doesn't have to do anything with PBL.


By: Neha Maheshwari

Content: https://www.teachthought.com/project-based-learning/myths-about-project-based-learning/

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