At the prestigious National PG College, Lucknow, 90% students have switched their preference from science to humanities. Those students from science streams like chemistry, mathematics and physics in class XII have shifted to Political Science/Psychology, English, and Economics, the most renowned combinations here.

At NPGC, in BA, 403 seats out of 445 are occupied by those students who took up science in class XII. Of the remaining 42 students, 18 students were commerce candidates in class XII. So, only 24 students, originally hail from the humanities stream.

When students were interviewed of the same, they had different reasons to support this change of preference. Some said that their parents had compelled them to take up science in class XII, while others said that their school did not offer humanities for class XII. These students widely believe that humanities are the best stream for civil services, and it is scoring as well. 

Talking of this, Kanika Ahuja, associate professor of psychology, says that those science students who don't opt for medicine or engineering, tend to switch to humanities as this gives them diverse career choices like civil services, international relations, media, etc.

By: Angel Robert

Content: timesofindia.indiatimes.com


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