A Different Way to Deal with Lower Back Pain

Editorials News | Dec-07-2017

A Different Way to Deal with Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain has been considered as the lifestyle problem that is associated with our working pattern and sitting posture. In the digital world of today most of the people spend time sitting near computer that leads to the back pain. They often go to physicians for its treatment. Earlier the doctors used to give pain-killers for that but now a new trend is becoming popular in treating LBP. The physicians are now less interested in recommending pain medicines. Instead of pain medicines, GPs might suggest non-medicinal approaches including yoga, various kinds of physiotherapy and psychological therapies too that will not only cure the pain but energises the patient. Low back pain is a big reason of early retirement and income poverty of a lot of people world-wide. It is also a costly affair to have regular therapy for LBP. Keeping these all things in mind, the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence clinical has published the guidelines for low-back pain and sciatica. There is also a clinical practice guideline to encourage a change in thinking about the primary care management of low-back pain at initial stage so that it does not take a worse form. The new guidelines suggest avoiding pain killers at initial stage and discourage other major treatments like injections and surgery for treatment. If this guideline would be followed then it would physicians’ job easier, and would positively affect the lives of many people with low back pain.

By: Anita Aishvarya

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