A Famous Water Sport: Skiing

Editorials News | Jan-13-2019

A Famous Water Sport: Skiing

Waterskiing is an ultimate fun loving sport for the people who just love to play with water as planning on the water surface on broad skilike runners it is just like being towed by the motorboat which is drove at the speed of at least 24 km/hr.

The skier while standing on the board holds a handle which is connected to a rope that is attached to the rear portion of boat and tends to lean slightly backward. Water skis (a standing board) are made from components like aluminum, wood, fiber glass or sometimes by other related materials. The normal water skis are generally about 15 cm (6 in) wide and about 1.7 m (5.5 ft) long. Skis may get increase in size for heavier water skiers. Each skies has a fin for stabilizing on the bottom of the ski near the heel part. The Tight fitting rubber foot binds the stretch if in the case of fall, as it helps to release the skier’s feet without any kind of injury. For a figure or trick waterskiing the size of skis are bit shorter than the one in regular skis and they probably have no fins, it helps the skier to turn around the water surface completely round during the performance at the stunts. In the competition of water skiing, the trick water skiers are thereafter required to perform the art on flat water and on the wake of a boat, on both the monoski and two skis. In the competition, the Contestants are also given a chance to make two passes of 20-second in front of judges, performing as many turns and slides as many as they can perform in that time. The Water skiing competitions basically includes the jump, with the skier towed by the ramp which has a length of 7.3 m and may be having a height of 1.8 m. The judges record the score both for style and distance. To get the best distance, the skier makes the cuts very sharply as against the boat wake thereafter swings and hits the ramp as he swings far out to the side. Upon using a ramp which is 1.8-m-high with a speed boat of driving speed of 56 km/hr, a skier can also achieve a jumps of more than 48.7 m height at this speed.


By: Anuja Arora

Content: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_skiing