Advance Land Use Leads to Homogeneous Species

Editorials News | Dec-06-2016

 Advance Land Use Leads to Homogeneous Species

300 hundred researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have recently studied the effects of land-use intensification. The scientists did their study on land-use intensification across different species groups at the landscape level for the very first time. As per the researchers, the places where humans use grasslands more intensively, the landscape becomes more monotonous.

Additionally, this extensive use of grassland spreads the same species everywhere. The results showed that nature is no longer being able to provide its 'services'.  The outcome also affects the array of soil formation for food production to pest control, said the scientists.

As per nature’s theory, every field is different that leads to producing suitable habitat for different species. Different species are able to find a suitable habitat somewhere for them. The scientists have stated that intensified human-land-use leads to a lesser number of distinct plant communities on grasslands. Ultimately, the fewer number of distinct plant communities on grasslands sustains the fewer number of species.

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