Adverse Experiences of Childhood Causes Severe Issues

Editorials News | Nov-03-2017

Adverse Experiences of Childhood Causes Severe Issues

Childhood is the most complicated phase of one’s life where extra care, love and protection required. Children are considered very much sensitive towards the environment they live in and the people they are connected with. The negative childhood experience like death of parent, growing up in poverty, physical or sexual abuse, and a parent with psychiatric illness leads the child towards physical and mental health problems in the later stage of life.

A research has shown that children from young age, who have multiple adverse experiences, are more prone to depression and physical health problems. Scientists have developed a potential pathway in the brain to explain how such stressful experiences influence poor health in children. Children who have more than three adverse experiences before the age of 8, the key brain structure that is involved in regulating emotions and decision-making is smaller.

These all lead children towards severe depression, physical health problems like asthma and gastrointestinal disorders. The MRI brain scans show different kind of effect on brain. It was found that inferior frontal Gyrus was smaller in children who had more adverse experiences. Poor diet, risky and dangerous behaviour and not taking very good care of themselves are some of the issues that are also associated to poor mental and physical health. Family members and doctors need to be aware of the powerful influence of these psychosocial risks so that children can get the help they need.


By- Anita Aishvarya

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