Affects Of Evolution on Humans and Society

Editorials News | Dec-22-2016

 Affects Of Evolution on Humans and Society

Analysts from the McGill University have done a research on the affect of evolution on humans and how humans influence the evolution of other species. As per the researchers, the changing effects of the evolution have happened more quickly than it was thought a few decades ago.

All the time evolution has affected us in many ways, be it in terms of influencing our environment, our health, and our overall well-being, said the researchers.

Through numerous examples, the researchers explained how human influences shape evolution and how evolution influences species traits, biodiversity. Additionally, the scientists also explained the evolution influence the entire ecosystem services. The advantages that nature provides to humans, such as food, water and clean air are known as ecosystem services.

The lead author of the study, Andrew Hendry, claimed that evolution will essentially change how species and ecosystems respond to environmental change. Moreover, "Evolution thus needs to be an essential part of our assessments of biodiversity and ecosystem services."

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