Akbar: The Great

Editorials News | Mar-07-2022

Akbar: The Great

India has a very diversified past which shows the variation in its present world where people of all caste and religions live together. Indian history has many black spots like the British reign list of India's economic strength but it also has many revolutionary innovations which truly change India's present destiny this is none other than the Mughal dynasty which proved to be a big bone for India's administrative and political system. The Mughal rulers redefine the political system and produce a more uniform process which boosted India's development and brought a place where we are now.

The Mughal emperor Babur who had its Ottoman Empire in South Asia was an ambitious ruler and wanted to extend its territorial boundaries and control more land. He began to stretch its boundaries from the west and northern Afghanistan towards Kashmir. He captured Kabul and established itself in 1526. He defeated Delhi Sultan and formed the foundation of the Mughal Empire in India.

After Babur, Humayun took the throne, and then came the almighty ruler, who was ambitious as well as powerful and his reigning period was called the "Golden Period". He is none other than 'Akbar' who is the son and successor of Humayun. His complete name was " Abul- Fath Jalal- Un- Din Muhammad Akbar", who ruled from 1556 to 1605. The coronation of Akbar was done on 14 February 1556 when he was a minor. So, Bairan Khan was chosen as his regent so that we can administer the state until Akbar grew up.

Akbar's popularity is for highlighting the Mughal style of architecture, his intelligent administrative decisions, his territorial land extension, his proper political measures, and his revenue system made the functioning of the Empire very smooth. These achievements aided him to on the title of "The Great". He was the brightest mind and most expert ola office Era who had exemplary success in his reign as he was unbeaten and consolidated many Indian parts full stop his campaigns even gathered the trust of Non- Muslims and that is how he proved to be in an extremely capable ruler given the tag of "The Great" for has so many accomplishments.

Hence Akbar was the greatest ruler of the Mughal dynasty Ho maintain unity as well as peace and harmony in his land. Therefore, he was indeed the most celebrated among all rulers of Indian Mughal history.

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