An Inspiration For All – Veteran Version of Flying Sikh, Flora

Editorials News | Oct-12-2018

An Inspiration For All – Veteran Version of Flying Sikh, Flora

It is indeed a true saying that “Where there is a will, there is a way”. There is absolutely no age and right timing for practicing your passion. If one is determined and dedicated, he can achieve anything and cross any hurdle in life.

An appropriate example of this is Shri Hardev Singh Flora. Flora is an 86 years old athlete whose hunger for winning medals is increasing day by day. He was born in Kolkata and presently lives a retired life in Delhi. He has beautifully performed at the World Masters Games in Malaga, Spain. He is often popularly referred to as India’s veteran version of ‘Flying Sikh’ Milkha Singh. At such a tender age, he hits the stadium each morning without any delay. He made India proud by winning a gold in 80m hurdles, silver in 200m hurdles and bronze in triple jump in the 85 to 89-year category. He has also been heard stating that even Milkha Singh refrained from participating in the Masters because of him. Flora further plans to participate and come out with flying colours in Poland at the World Masters Athletics Indoors in March 2019. Milkha, now 88, would have been in the same Masters Age classification as Flora’s. Talks are going on with the Delhi Government regarding provision of financial help to Flora. It is surprising to know that Flora is equally happy even if no financial support from the government’s side is provided to him. He stated that he runs because it gives him happiness and peace. He also informed that he is extremely fit and has not visited the doctor since 1956. He further added that his own daughter is a doctor despite that he never consults her because he is amazingly fit even at this age. This is a very inspiring thing to know for most of us who often keep running to doctors every now and then for minor health issues. Flora believes that running for him is like going to the temple. He does it with all his heart and soul. He wakes up at 4.30 AM and hits the track at 5:30 A.M. He believes that he is extremely lucky that he can pursue his dreams now. He has fulfilled his responsibilities in life and both his daughters are well placed. This is one of the reasons why he isn’t bothered much about money. All he wants is to rise high and set an example for the present and future generation. The message that he wants to convey to the world is that “There is absolutely no age for living and fulfilling your dreams”. If one is determined, sky is the limit. Indeed we all must draw inspiration from him and must dream with all our heart and soul.

By: Anuja Arora