Artistic Roller Skating

Editorials News | Aug-13-2018

Artistic Roller Skating

It was in the year 1760 that the first recorded skate was invented, by John Joseph Merlin, who created a very basic inline skate with small little metal wheels. In the year 1818, roller skates were first used in a Ballet staged in Berlin and M.Petitbled designed and patented the first Roller skate in France in the year 1819.

Roller Skating is somewhat similar to Figure skating the difference being instead of wearing Ice Skates they wear Roller Skates. The early development of Artistic roller Skating did come from Ice Skaters. It became very popular during the late 1930's. It took quite some time for the Artistic Roller Skating to develop however, the Roller Skaters eventually created an itinerary of more than 40 figures of jumps, turns and spins. Initially free style Roller Skating that dates back to the early twentieth century it was in the 1930's that they began adopting movements from the Ice Skaters.

Artistic Roller Skating has several disciplines, like

Figures: It is a discipline in which the Artistic Roller Skater follows circles that are drawn on the floor and are judged on the quality how they are able to line trace, their body position, take off etc

Freestyles: Individual performance of jumps and Spins.

Pairs: It is similar to Freestyle with two people performing.

Dance: Performed by couples

Solo Dance

Precision: It is a team Skating.

Show Teams and

Creative Solo/ Free Dance

Roller Skating is also considered more difficult to perform than Ice Skating.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena


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