Aspire Your Law Career In School Itself

According to Roman Law and also in our own law ‘Ignorance of the law is not an excuse’ in an age-old principle. There are several social benefits to make an effort to teach law outside the remit of a professional law school if every person of discretion is to know what actually the law is.
In universities Law has been a traditional subject and was taught almost eight centuries. People enjoy several benefits while learning law outside the settings of a professional law school and can enhance one’s understanding of public affairs and an awareness of one’s entitlements and duties as a citizen.
This study is also very helpful to shed off some of the false notions about law and some of the inveterate prejudices about law, lawyers, and the legal system. It also clears an understanding of the law to encourage talented students to choose law as one of the career options.
The risk of law learning beyond professional school is captured in two keys of assumptions-
• It is considered that law has quite complicated and wide roots to be taught in a beyond professional way.
• Absence of well-trained experts and teachers from the field can convey incorrect information and understanding of the law.
According to some educationists, it may require great efforts to unlearn or forget whatever was learned earlier. If in case information about the law is mis-guided, mis-formed or ill-formed.
Both these quoted pitfalls have attracted detailed surveys, though few of the countries in this globe have introduced law at the High School level. The experience is very positive from the countries that have introduced law. In the year 2015 The Central Board of Secondary Education has introduced Legal Studies at the Class XI level. According to the proposals one module will be initiated in class XI and another will be in Class XII.
The objective behind the initiation of law is to provide the idea and history of the evolution of the Indian legal system in concise form and to develop a common law system in India.
Through this students will be exploring several law systems like Common Law, Civil Law, Hindu Law, Islamic Law and many more.

By: Saksham Gupta

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